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We will take a full medical history, and perform an examination to test for movement restriction and pain, after which we will talk with you about what we think has gone wrong, and how we think we can help.

Before you arrive:

Make your first appointment on a day when you won’t have to do strenuous exercise after your osteopathic treatment.

If you are feeling unwell prior to your appointment, such as a cold or flu-like symptoms, please cancel your appointment and do not come in. Treatment can exacerbate your symptoms.


  • Arrive a few minutes early to fill out forms.

  • Ensure you (or your child) have had some water and a snack before your treatment.

  • Bring relevant x-rays, Plunket book, ACC forms – if appropriate.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that is not too restrictive.


  • We recommend you avoid vigorous activity or strenuous work for 24 hours.

  • You may feel tired and need to rest or even sleep.

  • You may have an increase in symptoms for a short period of time.

  • Please call your osteopath if you are at all concerned.

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