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The osteopaths at Kilbirnie Osteopaths Wellington use both cranial and structural techniques and are experienced in treating all age groups.


Osteopathy is a clinically effective form of treatment for all ages -
from babies to the elderly - and the osteopaths at Kilbirnie Osteopaths are
experienced in treating all age groups using both cranial and structural techniques.

Osteopathy can be used to treat both new and existing conditions such as:
  • Childbirth - which can be a traumatic experience for mother and baby. Osteopathic treatment is a great way to remove unnecessary strains sustained during birth e.g. from compression forces from forceps, or after a prolonged labour
  • For babies - treatment can help with colic, reflux, suckling problems, recurrent ear problems and poor sleeping patterns
  • In young children - osteopathic treatment can help with rebalancing strains after falls and/or other injuries sustained during such active years. It can also assist in helping with behavioural problems
  • For pregnant women and new mothers - osteopathic treatment is very helpful in treating pregnancy related or post birth pain, and is also very effective in the treatment of post natal depression
  • For the general adult population - treatable symptoms include headaches and migraines, neck and back pain, other joint pain, repetitive strains, sciatic pain and depression
  • For the older generation - osteopathic treatment is a great way of reducing the speed of ageing and/or arthritic changes by encouraging good mobility and drainage to all joints as well as helping reduce tight and painful muscles 


The great thing about osteopathy is that many patients seek treatment as a form of warrant of fitness.

Patients are encouraged to become proactive rather than reactive and visit us at our clinic in Wellington on a semi regular basis to ensure those aches and pains that creep up over time are kept away. 
osteopaths working on patients in Wellington
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